Screaming in the Cloud

11 Jul 2023 -


Thanks Corey for having me on Screaming in the Cloud! It was fun, although I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve listen to podcasts before, but actually being on one? The pressure!

I found myself thinking over and over about what we talked about, refining points in my head, and thinking about what I should have said. I’m pretty sure that’s normal for first-timers.

It was good timing; I was talking to recent hire who recounted helping someone who was struggling with doing cloud stuff securely, and was wondering why anyone bothered. We both agreed that the old ways, sometimes, are actually a lot harder. On the podcast, I mentioned doing inventory and comparing serial numbers. That’s certainly one thing. But if you deal with on-prem hardware, you also have to deal with things like… internet connection redundancy. Failover links. Failing back to the primary link. Your power requirements. Since using AWS, I’ve not had to think about “this server might fit in this rack, but is there enough electricity to power it? If the power goes out, will the new server push us below the time that we think the batteries will last for?”

Anyway. Security is hard. Cloud is hard. Podcasting is hard, too. Thanks for having me on, Corey!

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